#RideEssentials – Tog Up For Winter MTB

Man pushes bike uphill

Brrr! It’s been pretty chilly here at Endura HQ the last couple of weeks and although our wings have been clipped by the latest lockdown we’ve still been able to get out for some fun MTB rides on frosty, snowy (and sometimes icy) trails.

The weather outside is never as bad as it looks from the inside. Stepping out over the threshold can be the biggest barrier to getting out on the bike, particularly if this is your first winter of riding. Learning how to layer up your riding outfit and how to tweak it for the conditions will give you the confidence to take that step out of the front door and keep you out on the trails this winter.

A good layering system works like a team, each element has its own specialist talent and works together to adapt to whatever your riding throws at it.

The base layer is the starting point for all-weather riding comfort. Specialist Baselayers use fabrics that wick sweat away from your body whilst trapping an insulating layer of warm air close to the body. Check out our Baa Baa Blend Baselayers for men and women – they combine the great temperature regulation and odor controlling properties of merino and the excellent moisture management properties of synthetic fibres. Top tip – if you suffer in the cold then a extra sleeveless base layer like our Translite underneath a long sleeve base layer will keep your core extra warm.

The mid layer is the filling in the sandwich and is there to keep you warm by providing insulation and trapping another layer of body heated air, whilst at the same time still allowing moisture to work its way outwards. Mixing and matching the mid layer to conditions or activity level allows you to put together an outfit that’s suitable for all sorts of weather and every type of riding from a gentle pootle to hardcore smashfest. Our go-to piece this winter has been the new MT500 Thermal Longsleeve – a technical hoodie that you can use as an outer in spring and autumn too.

The outer layer provides your first line of defence against the outside world, stopping rain, sleet, snow, hail and wind from getting in. Breathable softshells or hardshells jackets act like a valve to let perspiration escape and often have zipped vents to allow you to dump heat on milder days or seal yourself into your own toasty dry microclimate. Our collection is rammed with great jackets like the award winning MT500 Waterproof is the King of Mountain Jackets for foul weather, whilst MT500 Freezing Point uses PrimaLoft GOLD insulation for dry/cold conditions.

Protect those pistons – the less skin that’s exposed to the weather at this time of year the better. We offer a range of trousers – waterproof or otherwise – and if you still prefer shorts then pair some MT500 Waterproof Shorts with roadie style legwarmers to keep your pins under cover.


Accessorize – gloves, socks and warmers are here to help and as you’d expect from a company based in Scotland, we’ve got something for every climate with gear that’s highly insulated / waterproof / windproof, we have everything you need.

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