Stick or Twist?, transcript available


Sticky situations. Not usually something high on the wish list and not usually something you want to find yourself in, with just one exception that is. When it comes to MTB shoes, a sticky situation is precisely what you’re after, it’s what you dream of, it’s the goal, the very aim of the game. A non-sticky situation is at best a pedal slip, at worst it’s painfully gouging a chunk of flesh out of your calf or losing a race. Not good, not what you wanted at all.

Step forward, pun intended, the all-new Endura MTB Footwear Collection. Crammed to the gills with technology and innovation to make your pedal stroke smoother, stiffer and more comfortable, with better power transfer and crucially a super durable sole made of glue... Okay, it’s not made of glue, but it’s as sticky as hell… which is precisely why we named it StickyFoot™.

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Hi-Viz. The coolest gear on the planet., transcript available

Hi-Viz Road

Why is hi-viz actually the coolest gear on the planet? Well, that’s because you look at your very best when you’re seen, avoided and still very much alive after rubbing shoulders with motorists who just can’t see you in that all-black number when the light is fading, or visibility is poor. And because we know some hi-viz can make you look like you should be riding a jackhammer not a bike, we’ve even made some that looks pretty decent too (though we say so ourselves). You’re welcome.

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Endura Pro SL 3-Season Jacket - being too hot or too cold ends here., transcript available

Endura Pro SL 3-Season Jacket

Have you ever faced, blurry eyed, into the depths of your wardrobe at stupid AM wondering what the hell to wear on that cold, wet, drying fast, maybe getting warmer later, cloudy, chance of sun type day in the knowledge that whatever you end up picking will either be too hot or too cold, or both, depending whereabouts in the ride you are or how many punctures in a row your mate gets?

Anyway, remove all this unnecessary stress from your daily decision making and just put on the Pro SL 3-Season jacket incorporating a detachable PrimaLoft™ inner gilet – warm enough for all the starts, stops and re-starts and cool enough, thanks to the Gods Of Serious Venting, to regulate your body temperature for the entirety of your ride.

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WE ARE BUILT ON BAGGIES, transcript available


Right now we are all in need of some light relief and this mock-u-mercial mini-film celebrates the noble Baggy Short featuring a rack of recognizable faces, just from a slightly alternate universe... 

Pro SL Bibshort - the best just got better, transcript available


Made from high quality Italian power Lycra® fabric with Coldblack® technology dramatically reducing heat buildup and providing UPF50, this bibshort features an ergonomic, pre-shaped multi panel construction for an ideal fit in the road riding position. Available in 3 pad width options, the updated 700 series pad delivers unrivalled comfort.

Endura GV500 - Off'n'On, transcript available

GV500 - OFF'N'ON

With over 25 years of heritage engineering game-changing cycling kit for on and off road, few brands are better placed to deliver a no-nonsense Gravel collection. The Endura GV500 range deploys our favorite tricks, materials and technologies from both tribes, to create adventure specific garments that are ready to tackle every surface. 

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Luminite Street Lighting, transcript available


We’ve been making cycle commuter’s journeys safer and more comfortable for many years. We are introducing a major revamp of the super-bright Luminite jackets, dialing up the visibility and keeping the aesthetic bang up to date. Utilising highly breathable waterproof ExoShell20™ throughout the jackets as well as large reflective panels you don’t have to compromise on safety for comfort and function.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BIKE SPLIT, transcript available


The Endura Drag2Zero aero triathlon program, QDC (Quick Dry Cool), has been developed in partnership with Simon Smart of Smart Aero Technology.



Endura have just planted 1 Million Trees and will be CO2 Negative by 2024. Find out more about our sustainability stories.