New Partnership with Trash Free Trails

Pair ride into the distance

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with Trash Free Trails, a community-focussed, non-profit organisation with a two-fold mission: to reduce Single Use Product Pollution (SUPP) in and on our trails and wild places by 75% by 2025 and reconnect people with nature through purposeful adventure.

Trash Free Trail’s A-TEAM are an elite group of volunteer regional representatives from across the UK. They have pledged to donate that little bit more of their time, passion and talent to protect and promote their trails for everyone to enjoy; empowering, engaging and enabling their local trail communities to do the same. Endura will be kitting out the A-TEAM with durable, performance cycle clothing and helmets needed for their noble task and will also be supporting them financially.

A complete head to toe kit has been made for the A-TEAM, featuring logos, slogans and custom design elements, cementing their role at heart and soul of Trash Free Trails. A fully sublimation printed custom MT500 L/S Lite Jersey has also been created, to the same specs as MTB royalty siblings the Atherton’s’ custom jersey, by #EnduraCustom and produced at our state-of-the-art production facility in Livingston, Scotland.

Jim McFarlane, Endura’s Founder and Managing Director

“What Dom and the guys at Trash Free Trails are doing is special and deserves support, not just from Endura but from all of us who ride on trails. We’re strong believers in taking responsibility for any impacts that mountain biking might have on the environment and this partnership is another step on the way to Endura putting sustainability and climate change mitigation at the heart of everything we do.”

For more information on Trash Free Trail’s rapidly growing volunteer army of riders, runners and roamers, what they’re up to this year, and how you might #JoinTheTrashMob, visit

Driven by Pamela Barclay, our Co-Founder and Brand Director, we’re working hard at many fronts on a range of environmental initiatives and on reducing our carbon footprint. We’ve just planted 1.3 million trees in the first year of our tree planting project and you can read more about this milestone in the latest issue of Sustainability Stories. When we launched their One Million Trees Initiative at the start of 2020, we committed to planting one million trees annually for the next ten years to ultimately eliminate Endura’s carbon footprint. With the help of their reforestation partners in Mozambique, the first year’s target was exceeded by 30%, with more than 1.3 million mangroves planted in the Maputo Bay area and plans to start planting here in Scotland soon. With this important milestone met, they have now set a bold new target – to become CO₂ negative by 2024.

Endura have been early movers in this area and other initiatives include:

  • All apparel fabrics being PFC free since 2018
  • Having offered a crash repair service for over 15 years
  • Offering Biodegradable Garment Proofers and Cleansers
  • Continuing to manufacture in Scotland
  • Using lots of recycled fabrics across their range, as well as fabrics which are ‘MadeKind’ meaning they have been manufactured in a way that is certified to avoid damage to the local environment
  • Our garments having a reputation for durability and longevity, not built-in-obsolescence
  • 99% of their packaging being recyclable
  • Offer a single use bag recycling scheme to our partner retailers



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