What To Pack For A Gravel Ride

Two cyclists heading along gravel road

With over 25 years kitting out committed riders both on and off road, few brands are better placed than Endura to offer a gravel collection.  The new GV500 collection from Endura has you covered for all your gravel riding – multi-day, epics or quick blasts on whatever surface lies in front of you. It deploys our favorite tricks, materials and technologies from MTB and road worlds, to create adventure specific garments that are ready to tackle every surface. GV500 is carefully designed to work as a system, supplying ample storage with a bulk-free, streamlined fit.

So, with your clothing sorted, it’s time to think about the other kit you need to carry on your next gravel blast. We checked in with Endura’s own gravelistas to see what they tuck away in their pockets and cargo systems when hitting some sweet Scottish grav.

A bike ride kit

Pump, tyre plugs, levers, patches, and a spare tube

Tubeless tyres might have reduced the number of p-word, but they can still happen, and they seem to happen just when and where you don’t want them to. Tyre plugs have saved our day in the past and a must have if you’re running tubeless. Remember to carry a spare tube though, just in case…


A good multi-tool is a worthy investment, make sure it has a chain breaker and torx key too. Even on shorter rides, we tuck a spare chain connector away, their weight penalty is nil and it might just get you out of a long scoot home.

A man on a gravel ride

Waterproof or windproof jacket or gilet

It might be because we do most of our riding in Scotland, but unless the weather forecast is totally set fair then we’d always recommend a waterproof shell – like our FS260-Pro Adrenaline Race Cape or Gilet. They pack down into a tiny bundle, but are fully waterproof and highly breathable – like your own little force field to protect you against precipitation.


gels and energy bars are great and easy to grab as you head out the door, but we’re big fans of making your own energy rich snacks for riding too. Allen Lim’s rice cake recipes over at Skratch Labs are really easy to make, nutritious and a break from the usual sugary snacks.

Emergency cash

We’ve long tucked away a rolled up £10 note in our bars, just in case we get stranded / need an emergency pie somewhere you can’t use a card / phone to pay for it. New polymer notes also make excellent tyre boots in case you rip a sidewall too.

If you’re planning some multi-day trips or are dipping your toes into racing, then make sure you check out James Hayden’s in-depth articles for loads of outstanding tips from one of the world’s most knowledgeable (and super-fast) adventure racers.



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