Endura Presents… Mind, Body and Soul

Man sits down next to bike

Endura presents Mind Body and Soul a new documentary featuring Graeme Obree and produced in conjunction with Cut Media, makers of Graeme Obree, Athlete or Genius?

In this short film of three chapters, we explore three different aspects of Graeme’s life:

Mind – we discover how Graeme has taken steps to improve his mental health to help him cope with the bipolar disorder and depression that has affected him throughout his life.

Body – we look at the effects of age on the body of an athlete with the help of the Exercise Physiology Team at the University of the Wets of Scotland and Graeme explains how his career was overshadowed by the spectre of doping.

Soul – Future acceptance now – how Graeme has learned not to live in fear of the future to ruin this moment.



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