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We’ve received a number of questions through our social media channels around our 1 Million Trees initiative and our goals to become CO2 Negative by 2024, so we thought we’d pull these together into FAQ. We’ll be updating this with latest information as time progresses, and if you’d like to ask a question then please get in touch through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or by using the Contact Us form on our website.

Where are you planting trees?

The first phase of the project involves us planting mangroves in the Maputo Bay region of Mozambique and in 2021 we will start planting in Scotland, not too far from our HQ in Livingston.

Why Mozambique, why not start in Scotland?

The climate emergency needs urgent action. In the time that our Scottish project has taken to move through the various stages in the planning process, we’ve been able to plant more than a million trees in Mozambique.

Where are you planting in Scotland?

The Scottish project is near to Drymen in Stirlingshire where Endura Lifecycle Trust mountain bike charity is based, so it can be protected from exploitation in the future for timber. The land is currently poor quality pastureland that’s of minimal agricultural value.

What are you planting in Scotland?

We’ll be planting native species that suits the ground conditions and climate of the site. The project has had input from experts in the relevant fields to ensure that activities will enhance the local environment by boosting biodiversity too. We’ll be sharing more information on this once we start planting later this year.

Do you mean neutral or negative?

We mean negative. We’ve modelled our CO2 outputs from fabric production to product end-of-life and calculated that even allowing for forecast growth in sales, by making changes to our processes and offsetting through tree planting, we’ll become CO2 neutral early in 2023 before we become CO2 negative before 2024. By 2030, we forecast that we’ll lock away more than 100,000 tonnes of atmospheric CO2 annually.

CO2 is necessary for life, so is CO2 negative bad…

Human activity is releasing vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere which is having a severe effect on the climate. The effects of these global level changes are only beginning to be felt and, frankly, the forecasts are terrifying. Doing nothing is no longer a choice.

Is this just a sticking plaster or a diversion for other pollution?

The One Million Trees initiative is just one strand in our overall efforts, you can find out more about some of the other changes we’re undertaking here and we’ll be exploring these in depth over the rest of the year.

What we are doing is genuine and will make a significant difference…

In a world where big corporations have resorted to a bit of green-washing as mere environmental PR, we’re all right to be sceptical about the claims made by organisations when claims of change are being made. Many brands are doing great things in this space but there are also lots of sustainable marketing initiatives which, on closer investigation turn out to be gimmicks, or worse detrimental to the environment. It is extremely confusing for the end consumer. This 1 Million Trees project is simple, and will not only make Endura Carbon Negative by 2024, but we expect to have eliminated the Carbon Footprint of the brand over its entire history by 2028. We are in the process of further certification and commit to sharing more information as soon as we have it.



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