Join Us for #GreenFriday 

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As the world goes Black Friday crazy, we want to buck the trend and flood social media with photos of your favorite trees and make it a Green Friday instead. Whether your favorite trees are an avenue, a clump, a copse, a grove, a wood, full blown forest or just a lonely rowan high up on a hillside we want to see them. Use the hashtag #EnduraHeartsTrees and together we can create a digital forest.

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We’ve been planting trees at home and abroad for the past couple of years now and our partners have planted more than two million trees  at our projects in Scotland and Mozambique. The ones we’ve helped to plant are still establishing themselves and we’re looking forward to sharing more images of them as they grow into full blown woodlands and mangroves. In the meantime, help us create our digital forest online.

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Your author’s favorite trees are those of the many forests of Badenoch and Strathspey in the Scottish Highlands, particularly those near to Aviemore. They feature remnants of the ancient Caledonian Forest, a temperate rainforest that once covered much larger areas of Scotland. The Scots pines in the remnant forests are direct descendants of the first pines to colonise Scotland after the last glacial period and are home to many rare species including the capercaillie and some say fairies such as Ly Erg!

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As well as fairy folk, the Glenmore forest is a haven for mountain bikers and gravel riders, with miles of sweet AF pine needle covered singletrack and dirt tracks that wind their way through the woodlands at the foot of the mighty Cairngorms. Top tip – climb out of the forests in late May, onto the slopes of Meall a’ Bhuachaille if you’re on a mountain bike or up the ski road and check out the clouds of tree pollen massing over the trees as far as they eye can see.

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