Extend the Life of Your Kit with Endura’s Repair Service

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As part of our ongoing project to reduce the environmental impact of our activities as a brand, we’ve explored every step in the life of our garments to see how we can improve what we do to make our overall footprint as a company as small as possible. You hopefully know about our Million Trees project that will see us become carbon negative by 2024, but we can work together to hit that target earlier by extending the life of your Endura products.

We engineer all of our kit to be durable – it’s the last part of our name after all (ENDurance and dURAbility) – and that’s a major part of making sure that our product’s life span is a long as possible. Here’s where we can help you to help us meet our goals (phew!) – by repairing crash damage.

We know how much it hurts to have your favourite piece of kit trashed in an accident. It hurts even more when those shorts or that jacket that fits you just right is no longer available to buy again. And that’s before even considering the waste to the environment of replacing a whole garment when only one small part of it requires repair.

That’s why we offer the Endura Repair Service for any of our garments that have suffered damage whilst riding, regardless of how old they are. That could be a fall on a tarmac switchback or thorn damage from a stretch of overgrown singletrack.

As we continue to manufacture in Scotland, our production team are able to make all kinds of repairs to our kit and will be happy to let you know whether a repair is possible by emailing photos to save you the bother of sending items to us first. There’s a small charge to cover the work, but it’s way less than the cost of new kit.

As with everything in life, there’s a bit of small print here:

  • The service is intended for damaged garments rather than those that have simply gradually worn out.
  • As we’re based in Scotland, the service is restricted to customers in the UK and the European Union. If that’s not you, then drop us an email and we’ll try to help.
  • Covers for garments only, so excludes hardware such as eyewear, backpacks, helmets, etc.

You can find more details here and feel free to get in touch on our socials or email for more information. Look out for some self-repair guides soon – we’re keen to help you help yourself too.



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